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Lucky31 Casino

3 Card Poker

As the name suggests, it is a poker game played only with 3 cards. The principle remains the same, you must beat the banker’s hand. Place your first bet on “Ante” to enter the game. You can play 3 hands by round. Click on the chip value you want to bet on the bottom right corner to select it and then click on “Ante” to put one chip of this value on the table. You can click several times to bet more chips and you can bet on 3 hands. Then the banker deals 3 cards for you and 3 cards for himself. Once you acknowledge your cards you can “Fold” if you have a weak hand or “Ride”. In that case, you need to place another bet of the same value to play this hand. The banker will show his cards and hands are compared.

The banker must qualify with a Queen or higher in order to play the hand. If the banker cannot play the hand, you will receive 1 to 1 on your “Ante” get your second bet back. If he qualifies and your hand is better, the bank pays you 1 to 1 on both bets. In case of a “Tie” (hands of same value), you get all your bets back.

Ante Bonus and Pair Plus

Ante Bonus rewards you will more money if you have a good hand. You are participating at this bonus automatically when you bet on “Ante”, no extra bet required. Another way to win more money is to place an additional bet on “Pair Plus”. This extra bonus works the same way than the “Ante Bonus” but will pay much more. For that you have to place some chips on “P+” If you feel lucky do not hesitate to make this extra bet, as you can see on the table below, payout is worth it! High Rollers will appreciate the Max Bet limits: €250 on “Ante”, €250 on the second bet and €50 on “P+”, so a total bet of €550 per hand!