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All American 10-hands

All American 10 Hands

As suggested by the name of the game, this All American Video Poker allows you to play on 10 hands at the time. Rules and game-play are exactly the same than the normal All American game. If you don’t know the rules, we recommend you to have a look at this game first. Because you’re playing on 10 hands, the bet range starts at 0.20€ (1 coin of 0.02€ x 10 hands) and goes up to 50€ for a max bet with 5 coins of 1€ per hands x 10 hands.

How works the 10 hands?

Basically, after you bet, the game starts with the first hand. You can keep any card you want from this hand. All the cards held will appear on the 9 other hands that are situated on the top. At this point you have 10 incomplete hands with the same cards. The second round starts and you will receive the missing cards on all hands.

All American 10 Hands is a very interesting variation, because, if you have goo cards on the first hand or even a high winning hand. It will pay on your 10 hands and not only on the first one. The same apply if you’re missing just one card to complete a good hand. If you’re playing only one hand you have only one chance to get the right card. Here with 10 hands, your chances are 10 times higher!