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Powered by Netent this Bingo game has 75 balls. A ticket consists on 3 printed tickets of 5 x 5 numbers. You can buy up to 3 tickets so 9 games in total for only 6€ (2€ per ticket). When you have your tickets the game can start. You have two options, you can draw ball by ball by clicking on “Next” or for impatient players press the “Finish Draw” button. 30 balls will be drawn.

Every time you have a full line, you win. Your gains depend of how many balls have been drawn so far. For example, if you complete a line when only 5 to 8 balls have been drawn you win 1000€. You can accumulate several gains. For example the one mentioned before after 8 balls (1000€) plus another line completed after 17 balls drawn (which gives you 20€) and a last one after 27 balls (2€).

On this particular version you, there is a Jackpot to be won. In order to be eligible to the Jackpot you need to play all 3 tickets.