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Lucky31 Casino

Caribbean Poker

At Caribbean Poker you play against the banker. The goal is to get an higher hand. The game play is pretty simple, you have to place a bet on “Ante” to enter the game. The banker will give you 5 cards and take 5 for himself with 4 face down and 1 card face up. At this stage you know your 5 cards plus one from the banker. It’s time to decide to leave the game and “Fold” or play it by betting twice this amount on “Ante”. If you “Fold” you lose the bet on “Ante”.

If you play the hand, the banker must show his own cards and hands are compared. He needs at least a King and an Ace to be able to qualify. If he doesn’t, you will get your second bet back and the “Ante” pays 1 to 1. If he does qualify, the one with the best hand wins. In case of a “Tie” you will receive all your bets back.

Winnings. If the banker qualifies and your hand is better, your winnings depend of the rank of your hand (see payout table hereunder). High Rollers will like the Bet Max of €750 (€250 on “Ante” + the double on the second bet €500). If you are lucky enough to get a Royal Flush you can win up to €150,000 at Caribbean Poker!