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Caribbean Stud

At the Caribbean Stud you play against the banker. The goal is to get the best poker hand possible. The game play is quite simple, you enter the enter by placing a bet on “Ante”. The Banker gives you 5 cards and takes 5 cards for him. Only one of his cards is face up. At this point you know your hand and one card from the dealer. It’s time to take a decision, either you “Fold” and stop the game or you “Call” to continue. In order to call you have to bet twice the price of your Ante. If you have placed 1€ on “Ante”, your call will be 2€.

If you call, the banker reveals his cards. He must “qualify”, that means he must have at least the lower paying hand (Ace + King) or higher. IF he does not qualify you will receive the equivalent of your “Ante”. If he qualifies, hand are compared, and you must have the higher hand to win. In case of a “Tie”, all your bets are refunded (Ante + Call).

Winnings. If you have an higher hand than the dealer, your winnings will depend of the combination you’ve got. Here is the payout table. Please note there is a Jackpot to be won. You must place a special bet to try your luck. The Jackpot doesn’t only pay if you have the highest hand (Royal Flush) but pays also extra money on good hands.