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Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is inspired by the famous Texas Hold’em Poker. Rules are the same, you need a better poker hand than the banker to win. Your hand is composed of the 5 best cards out of 7 cards, 2 cards that you have in hands and 5 cards face up from the table. The big difference with the Texas Hold’em Poker is that you and the dealer play with 5 different cards from the board. So you have your 7 cards and he has his own 7 cards. That changes the entire game, because you have no idea of which hand the dealer may have.

Another important change is the game play. Here you cannot bet on every round. You receive 2 cards in hands and the “Flop” (3 first cards on the board, faces up). Then you can “Fold” or “Call”. “Fold” means you don’t want to play the hand and stop the game here. When you “Call” the dealer will deal immediately the 2 missing cards from the board: the “River” and the “Turn”.

Casino Hold’em is a nice game, well done but please note that this card game is not for Texas Hold’em lovers, the rules make this game closer to a video poker that and real poker game. You cannot bet on River and Turn and you have no idea of what the dealer may have.