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Lucky31 Casino

Casino War

Casino War is a pretty straight forward casino game. You have played this card game when you were young probably. In this game, you play against the dealer, both the dealer and you receive one card each, and if your card rank is higher you win. (2 is the lowest card rank and Ace the highest)


In order to enter the game and receive your card, you have to place a bet on “Ante”. Bets start at €1 and og as high as €250 (High Roller players will be satisfied!). To place your bet select the chip value you want to bet with (in the bottom right corner), then click on “Ante” add one chip at the time. If you win, the casino double your bet (for a €5 bet you will receive €10). In case of a Tie (cards of similar value) you have 2 options: you can fold and leave the game with half of your bet or you can continue and click on “WAR”. If you choose the 2 option, you have to place another bet of the same amount on “RAISE”. The banker will deal 2 other cards and if you are the winner, you will receive your “Ante” + 2 times your “Raise”. e.g. with an initial bet of €5 on Ante, your total bet will be €10 (Ante: €5 + Raise: €5), and winnings will be €15 (Ante:€5 + Raise: 2x€5). Unfortunately if you lose this hand the bank takes both bets.

Tie Insurance

Please note that you can predict a Tie and take a kind of insurance. After placing the “Ante” and before to play, you can place also a bet on “Tie”. If the situation comes up, the banker pays you 10 to 1! And the game continues so you can even win on the War. Another little trick is that you can adjust the speed of the game as you want by clicking on the 3 arrows place over the chips on the bottom right section. In conclusion, Casino War is a fun, simple and fast game and that is probably why this game is so popular!