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Deuces Wild 10-hands

Deuces Wild 10 Hands is a video poker where the “2” is a Joker. A Joker is a card that can take any other value if it helps to complete a winning combination. BEfore the game starts, you must place your bet. You have to bet on the 10 hands, but you can choose how many coins (1 to 5 coins) and the value of your coins (starting as low as 0.02€ until 3€). The bet maximum is 150€ (5coins x 10 lines x3€ per coins), high rollers will probably appreciate that.

First Round

You will receive 5 cards in front of you, that’s your first hand. You may have a great hand already. But anyway, the game doesn’t stop here. You have to select which cards you want to keep and the one you want to change. The lowest paying hand is a three of a kind. Usually it’s a pair of jacks (Jacks or Better). To keep a card, click on it, please note that in this 10 hands version, all kept card will reproduce on the other hands. So you have to pick carefully your best cards. Keeping too much cards will reduce the possibilities to get the missing cards.

The Second Round

Once the cards selected, click on “Deal to get the weak cards replaced. This time the 10 hands are dealt. To improve the reading of your payouts, you can click on a particular hand to zoom on it. Also, on the payout table on the left side you will see which hands you had. For example: If on the first hand you have 3 Queens that you keep. You are sure to get at least 10 x 5 coins, and if during the second round, one hand get another Queen then your winnings are 9 x 5 coins + 1 x 20 coins. With this interactive table, Netent made it very simple to understand what’s going on, even for real beginners.

The Double Up Feature

Each time you get one or several winning hands, the double up is triggered. You can choose to cancel it by clicking on “Collect” or you can give it a go and gamble. You ill be ask to choose between red or black or between the different card suits. If your pick matches with the next card dealt, you will mulitply your gains by respectively 2 or 4.