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Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is very popular in casinos, that’s probably due to the high payout rate of this game. In fact, the casino’s advantage is very low here, almost non-existent. Wilds are Jokers, they take any value in order to complete winning hands. Here the 2 represent this joker. In comparison to other video-pokers like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild has a big advantage with the Joker. To offset this advantage the lowest winning hand is a Three of a kind.

Hands are ranked following poker rules, however having a joker creates new hands! You will find the “Five of a kind” (5 cards of the same value). Also, the “Royal Straight Flush” pays differently depending if the hand is “natural” or completed thanks to one or more jokers. The “Four of Deuces” is a very strong hand that is ranked right after the “Natural Royal Straight Flush”.

This video-poker is fairly simple to understand and you’ll have great fun. The game takes place in two parts. First you bet and get 5 cards. At this point it’s possible you already have a winning hand. Choose between the five cards which ones you want to keep. All the other cards will be then replace during the second round of the game. The game itself helps you to take the right decision by placing the “Hold” stamp on winning hands on the first round of the game. Like that you can’t miss out a good payout!

The “Double Up” Option

Every time you have a winning hand you can take your chance and try to double up your gains. For that, click on “Gamble” and pick the colour (Red or Black) of the next card that will be drawn. If you get it right, you will multiple your gains by 2. For real gamblers you can even try to multiply them by 4 by choosing a suit and not a colour. As long as you win, you can double up!