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Fruit Case

Who doesn’t like playing colorful and fresh online slot games? With fruit falling all over, Fruit Case is a casino slot game that tempts the player to try to hit and win big.

Inspired by the classic and famous fruity machine, Fruit Case is more fun because of the faces the fruits make. The name says it all: Pears, strawberries, oranges, and lemons fill up the screen and make faces at the player. The graphics of these types of slot games are rather simple, yet still very appealing. Also, the audio effects fit will with the theme of the game.

Fruit Case has many game features such as the scatter and wild symbols, Avalanche multipliers, and Free Falls. Many of these unique features allow the user to get the most out of a winning line. While other feature bring the game to a whole new level. User can practice and play this game for free, or they can use and win real money.