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Lucky31 Casino

Ghouls Gold

Ghouls Gold is a funny and scary online slot. At first sight it looks like a 3 reels and 3 lines game but all items are spinning independently. There are not 3 reels but 9 small reels on this game. Moreover Ghouls Gold an “Hold and Spin” option. Not all reels are play on the first stage of the game. Only the 3 reels at the bottom. Then you can pick which item should remain and which one should be re-spun.

Hold Option

During the first stage of the game, only 3 reels are spun. You can have already some winnings. pick the symbols you want to keep, 2 identical symbols for example. Then click on “Spin” in order to spin the other reels. If you have a paying combination on the first stage, keep all symbols and will will be paid on the 3 lines of the game. Nice way to triple up your gains! Two other cool options of this slot are a Wild symbol (that replace any other symbol if it helps to complete a combination) and a bonus round symbol (the ghost). but the real deal is the progressive jackpot to be won.

Progressive Jackpot

Ghouls Gold features also a Progressive jackpot. Compare to jackpots, the amount of progressive ones are constantly increasing. Every time someone place a bet on this game, a small part of the amount is kept in this jackpot. The more people play this game the higher will be the amount to be won. What are you waiting to try your luck?