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Golden Derby

Golden Derby is a virtual horse race. Netent focused on the graphics to deliver a game that give you the feel of a real race. First you have access to all the information needed to make your bet. Horse historic, results of last races, strengths… by clicking on the race form. Then place your bet on the bet tab and click on “Add Bet”. Before of start of the race you can visualize all your bets and edit them on the “Bet Slip” tab. Once you’re ready, click on “Start Race”.

As I mentioned, Netent focused on details to make this race realistic. They give you all information to make your choice before the race, the race itself is a wonderful animation with excellent video and sounds. And they even offer you the finish photos.

Please note that this casino game also features a Jackpot to be won. You can win several thousands with a starting bet as low as 0.10€.