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Hi Low Switch

Hi Low is a common game that you can find on most of online casinos. But Netent presents a version that we like more. First of all because it has been designed like a table games and not like an online slot. Once you place your bet on the table, the banker deals the cards. The goal is to predict if the next card dealt will be lower or higher than the car you chose. Secondly, we like the fact that the game gives you 3 options. Usually on slot version you start with one card and go from here. Hi Low Switch has been built differently. You receive 3 cards, so you can choose with which card you want to play. Then if you guess right and win, you can continue with the new card or play the 2 other cards or just collect your gains and start a new hand.

With this version you have more options and most important you control the level of risk you want to take. Under and above the 3 cards, you will find the odds and you free to take your chance or not. With 3 cards to choose from, you have great chances to have a high/low card to bet on. Payout will be low but you almost sure to win. And for gamblers you can take more risk and get more money.

That’s a pretty straight forward game, no need to explain more. Only one thing you need to know, Ace counts as 1 and is the lower card. But you can’t forget, this is written on the table.