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Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is a 5-line and 3-reel slot machine game. Unlike other online slots, every time you win in Jackpot 6000 you have a chance of double your winnings. As the name suggests, you can win up to a stunning 6000 coins every round!

In each round in the game you can bet up to 5 bet lines. The minimum bet is one coin on each line. On the other hand, the maximum bet is two coins on each line, which makes 10 coins in total. On the top of the slot machine you will find winning combination symbols.

Each time you play Jackpot 6000, you have the chance of doubling your winnings. By betting on tails or heads with your winnings you have a 50 percent chance of winning double. You can always choose to play head and tails when you win in this game. There is also a mode called Supermeter. In Supermeter mode the stakes are higher, but the rewards are better. Jackpot 6000 is one of the most played slot games on the internet.