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Jacks or Better 10-hands

Jacks or Better is the most popular video poker, this game is played all around the world in brick and mortar casinos as well as online casinos. Here Netent offers a good declination of this game with 10 hands. If you played to Jacks or Better before, you know that there is two rounds. The fact that you can keep some cards from the first round helps a lot to complete a combination on the second round. But you have only one chance to get the one or two missing cards needed. That’s a bit tough! With Jack or Better 10 hands you will get 10 chances to get those cards!

Let me explain why. The first round take place exactly the same way tan on the one hand version. You get 5 cards and hold the good ones. But during the second round, all cards held are reported on the 9 others hands. The second round starts then with 10 identical incomplete hands. Each hand receive the missing cards which gives you 9 extra chances to get the combination you were waiting for. It will be easier to get this Ace you were missing to complete your royal straight flush!

If you are a gambler you will be interested by the double up option. After each gain you can it decide to not collect it and place a bet with it. You must predict what will be the colours of the next card or the exact suit. If you’re right you will multiply by 2 or 4 your gains.