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Joker Wild 10-hands

Joker Wild 10-hands is probably one of the more rewarding video-poker. First because it easier to get a winning hand when there is a joker and secondly, because you have 10 hands to try to get the missing cards you are looking for. The lowest paying hand is a pair of king which is easier to get than the Three of a kind requested on Deuces Wild.

The rules and the game-play are the same than the 1 hand version. You start the game by placing the bet of your choice in the large range available (1 to 5 coins of 0.02€, 0.05€, 0.10€, 0.50€, 1€ – 3€). You receive a first hand of 5 cards. If you don’t have a winning hand yet don’t worry. You can keep the good cards and throw away the others ones. On the second round the cards kept will appear on your 10 hands and new cards will be dealt to replace the old ones. Every hand can bring you money. On the left side of the game you will see in the table which hands you got and how many times. BEcause you’re playing 10 hands you can get several times the same winning hand. Imagine on your first hands you have a flush. You won not one hand but 10!

Another nice way to see your money growing fast is the Double Up feature. Each time you have gains, you can decide put gamble and multiply this sum by 2 or 4. The multiplier depends on the risk you can, you can pick a colour (red or black) or a suit (spades (♠), hearts (♥), diamonds (♦) and clubs (♣)). If your choose matches the next card drawn, you win! And the best part is that you can double up again.