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Joker Wild

Joker Wild is a Video Poker offering a Joker that will replace any other cards to help you out to complete a winning hand. Like any video-poker (Jacks or Better or Tens or Better for example), this game rank the hands like at a regular poker game: from one pair to the royal straight flush. The difference here is that the joker creates few new hands impossible normally like the “Five of the kind”.

How the game works?

First of all you have to place a bet. You can bet 1 to 5 coins by clicking on “Bet Level”, then you can pick the value of your coins (from 0.10€ to 25€) with the “Coin Value” button. Once you bet placed, you will receive 5 cards. You can either keep them or ask for new ones. To keep one or more cards, simply click on it. When you have all your good cards held, click on “Deal” to replace the other cards. At the end of the second round, the dealer check your hand. You need to have at least a pair of Kings or a better hand to get some money. Depending of the hand you get, the payout is different. A high rank hand will pay a lot more than a pair of Kings. The payout table on the left side of the game will help you to understand your winnings.

Let’s Gamble!

This Video Poker feature a “Double Up” option. Each time you win some money you can collect it and continue to play normally or you can gamble it. In that case a new game will start. You must pick a colour and if the next card dealt has the same colour you double your gains! This option is called double up but be informed you can also multiply by 4 your gains. For that, Pick not a colour on the left side but a suit on the right side. If the card matches with the suit, you will win big! And wait, this option doesn’t stop after a single round, you can keep on gambling as long as you win. Gamblers will appreciate this option that can ends up will large sums to cash out.