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Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a casino card game. To enter the game you have to place your Bet on “Ante”. You can see 2 other circle. During the game you bet 3 equal stakes. And at each stage of the game, you will be ask if you let your bet or if you want to retrieve it. The banker gives you 3 cards face up and draws 2 more cards face down in front of him.

Once you have your 3 cards you can decide either to place the bet on the circle 1 or not. The banker will reveal his first card. Now you know 4 cards out of 5. Again you can place your bet or not. At this stage the dealer will show the last card. If you have a poker hand, you will be paid according to the hand you have (see the table below). You can also bet on “Bonus” in order to receive more money in case you have a good hand! Please note that the lowest hand is a Pair of Tens like in the video poker Tens or Better.

Example: If you bet €10 and get a Straight Flush, you will receive €2,000 or €20,000 if you have bet on “Bonus”.