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Many people are familiar with the game of roulette. It is one of the iconic casino games, and remains popular in both online and live casinos. The game had stood the test of time because there are so many different ways to win. You can put a wager on what number you think the ball will land on(1-36) or on what color(black or red). You can even bet on certain sections of the wheel(1-6, 7-12, etc), or if the ball will come up on an odd or even number. Roulette also offers a very high payout if you pick a specific number, and you can win 35 times what you bet.

Slot games are also very common. They are a great choice if you do not want to risk a lot of money. Almost all online slots can be played for a quarter, and some start as a low as nickel. If you want to hit a bigger jackpot with slot games, you can increase the amount you wager and try playing additional lines.