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Scratch Ticket

Who never bought a scratch card around the corner? Those games are so popular. Quite easy to play and you know immediately how much you have won. No need to wait the drawing like at the lottery. Netent offers us, an online casino version of this game. You have 10 tickets on the right side of the screen. Pick one of them or if you don’t feel their are winning tickets click on “10 New Tickets” in order to change them all. Once you picked your ticket it will be placed on the left side of the game. Each ticket cost 1€. And gains start at 1€ go up to 50,000€!

The principle is really simple, scratch all the boxes one by one and discover if you have won. You win a certain sum when you get this sums 3 times. Also, the game has 2 cool features. First you can click on “Scratch All” if you cannot wait. And secondly, if you scratch the boxes manually, you can choose you scratch tool. You can pick a key, a coin, a poker chip or a plectrum.

This scratch card game features also a win multiplier. Once you have 3 identical sums, you can scratch the multiplier box to discover if your gain has been multiply by 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times.