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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a funny game where you are a pirate seeking for treasures on a desert island. You need to find at least 2 treasures to win money out of 6 picks. The island has be divided in small areas. You pick 6 of them and the more treasures you discover the more money you win! If you find 6 treasures you can win up to €100,000!

First select the amount you want to bet per round. You have the choice between €0.10, €0.50, €1, €2, €5, €10 and click on “Buy ticket”. Now, you can pick your 6 pieces of land you want to dig. Depending on how many treasures you’ve found you win between 1 to 1 (for 2 treasures) and 10,000 to 1. So if you are playing with coins of 2€, that €20,000 and €100,000 for an initial bet of €10!

Treasure Hunt is one of those funny games that are different from the standard casino games like slot machines or blackjack and other card games. You will find more games of this kind under our casino games section.