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VIP Baccarat

The Baccarat is a casino game that is getting very popular. The principle of Baccarat is quite simple: if your hand is the closest to 9, you win! You’re playing alone against the dealer but you can bet either on your hand or the dealer’s hand. If you do so, the bank takes a 5% commission. A winning hand pays 2 for 1. Also, you can bet on a ‘Tie’. If you predict a ‘Tie’, it will pay 8 for 1. A hand consists of 2 or 3 cards following the rules described hereunder:

What’s the value of your hand?

  • The Ace is worth 1.
  • The 10 and faces (J, Q, K) are worth 0.
  • Other cards are worth their stated value.

The player and the dealer are dealt with 2 cards and if the sum of the hand exceeds 10, you must subtract 10 (eg 7+8=15; and 15-10=5)

The third card rules

You and the banker cannot draw on a “Natural”. Here Netent is offering a VIP version of this game with a minimum bet of 100€ and a maximum bet of 10,000€.